Trim, fashion-forward silhouettes serve as central icons in this mixed-media collage, that deconstructs and illuminates the feminine ideal.

Figures are stripped of fashion and makeup , and built from layers of found and vintage papers that have been sanded, scraped and resurfaced. Aged movie posters, produce crate labels, advertising signs and related materials, compose the colors, patterns and text that surround and become the figures.

While the women in this work are pared down forms, they remain thin, long-legged and sexy. There is a palpable ambivalence surrounding this work, that both denounces the cultural pressure to be perfect, while acknowledging a deep desire to achieve societal standards of beauty.

This work offers a juxtaposition of women in conversation, comparison or repetition, underscoring the role that female camaraderie and competition play in the beauty quest and making a statement about our culture’s insistence on uniformity.