Consenses: A Moving Art Journey

Posted on: October 9th, 2014 by Jane Maxwell No Comments

I had the distinct pleasure of twice visiting Consenses, an incredibly inspiring art installation created over two years by Sally Taylor.  Taylor has engaged artists from different mediums to interpret each other’s work in the vein of the game of Telephone.  For example, a photograph is sent to a musician who creates an original song based on the feelings evoked from the photograph. Then that music is sent to a dancer who creates an interpretation of the song.  The dance heads to a sculptor who sends his piece to a poet and so on until all five senses are represented.  The experience even includes original perfumes and teas interpreted from the art!   Taylor originally asked 22 photographers to start these collaborative and truly creative ‘chains’ that are each displayed in specially crafted pods that engage the viewer in a deep and moving experience.  I have been thinking about the installation days after seeing it, and continue to be struck by how so many different art forms can be used collaboratively to express what is hard to say out loud.  Bravo to the incredibly warm and engaging Sally Taylor for this imaginative and beautifully executed (fresh) idea – not to mention a logistical feat of grand proportions.  It is nearly impossible to capture the experience unless you are there, but here are three images that caught my eye.  Please visit for more information.

IMG_4248IMG_4249 IMG_4250

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