3 Portraits I love.

Posted on: August 10th, 2013 by Jane Maxwell 1 Comment

On Facebook I post family photographs of smiling faces, warm hugs and happy memories.  Those are all true moments in time, ones I cherish and celebrate.  But they are just moments.  They do not, by any measure, capture the truth, reality or complexity of every day life within our family – any family.  How could they?  There are too many moving parts – different personalities, temperaments, interests, talents and shortfalls, emotions and biologies. The photos on Facebook tell one side of the story.  I look to art to tell a lasting, deeper story.  The past few years have been complicated and difficult for my family, for a host of reasons.  This time has changed us, deepened us, and revealed so much about us as individuals and as a family.  While in many ways I have wished this time away, there is another side of me that feels an urgent need to capture and bottle our experience.  In some small way, I achieved this by turning to the very talented portrait artist, Jasmine Chen, to paint my 3 children.  I am amazed by the result.  Three very real portraits of 3 very real kids. If you look into their eyes and at their expressions, you will see a whole lot more going on than the smiles on Facebook.





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  1. Sharon Martin says:

    Blown away by your thoughts and these portraits. We need a visit!!!

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